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Welcome to Ketiara Coffee Producer

Ketiara is a Women Lead Coffee Cooperative. it is started by a women who also a wife, a mother, and friends of thousand of farmers who also doing coffee trading since 20 years ago. It is started with a need to have daily meal for the kids. Ketiara is not just trading coffee, but we promote value and passion to celeberate women in coffee business.

Ketiara Cooperative Team 2017

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Buyers from Ali Liu Collectivo, one of our best buyers.

Cupping session with buyer

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Our coffee is 100% natural organic shaded grown. Located in the Takengon Highland Central Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.
Altitude: between 1,200-1,500; Life Zone: Mountaineous forest, surrounding Leuser National Park; Forest Ecosystem is important to our member coffee plantation, there are hundres of Flora and Fauna including mammals, birds, primates, and reptiles.
Total volume 1200 MT plus; Harvest: September-May; Type of Coffee: 100% Arabica (varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor, Cattura); Total cup test score between 85-88. Certification: Fairtrade (ID: 27501) and Organic (CU: 818070) Export: all over the World, including local market.
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Coffee beans and the office building at background. Natural and special climate in our geographical site help us to produce better coffee.

Our passion is about profit and welfare of our member, satisfaction of our buyers and customer, also protection of our land and forest. We prefer an open and transparent trading system. A trading
system that bring education to coffee grower.

A trading system that create opportunity to women to take a lead in this male-dominated coffee supply-chain. Is it possible? We dont think, We just do.

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Mrs. Rahmah shared Ketiara Premium for locals and farmers, 2017

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Jalan Raya Uamang Kampung Umang No.76 Kec. Bebesen, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah, Indonesia
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